by Mike Sharkey, Co-Founder & CEO, Autopilot

Introducing a better way to organize your contact lists and segments

Today we’re introducing an entirely new way to organize your lists, segments and folders within the contacts manager. Watch the short video which explains the update in more detail:

We’ve introduced many improvements to the contact manager, including:

  • automatic sorting of lists, segments and folders into sections to help you stay organized;
  • the introduction of helpful sections “Recently Viewed” and “Team Favorites”;
  • the ability to customize which sections you see and the order they appear;
  • drag-and-drop capabilities to make sorting items into folders more simple;
  • support for folders and multiple sub folders, and;
  • faster search across all of your lists, segments and folders.

This is just the start of many improvements to the Autopilot experience we’ll be rolling out this year. We’re thankful to our community and customers for their input and feedback to make this a reality.

Here are a few more things we’re excited about from this release:

1. Less naming conventions, more organization

Before this update we saw many customers (including us) working with naming conventions to stay organized. For example, folders titled “Webinars 2017” and “Webinars 2018” and lists with names like “05052017 Webinar Registrants”, “05052017 Webinar Attendees”.

It works, but it doesn’t scale very well (or look nice).

With the new folder and sub folder feature, you can easily organize these without the need for naming conventions on your lists or segments. In the example below we simply have a Webinars folder with year sub folders, then months, then the name of the webinar. Inside we have simple list names like “Did not attend” and “Attendees”.

2. Drag-and-drop

When it’s easy to stay organized chances are you will do it. The update introduces drag-and-drop of lists and segments into folders.

3. Complete customization

You can customize how your lists, segments and folders are organized including special views like team favorites and recently added. We’ll be expanding this ability and level of customization throughout the entire interface this year to help you stay more productive.

That’s all for now. We hope you like the update and appreciate any feedback you have. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements over the next few weeks.

Author Mike Sharkey, Co-Founder & CEO, Autopilot

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    • Neil

      Nice improvement! Will make managing lists in Autopilot a lot easier.

    • Tibor Szűcs

      The folders in folders I really like, it made my day 🙂 The other things are great, too. Thank you!

    • Matt Woodward 👊

      A great addition! Would be awesome to see some additional flexibility around the contact views too (e.g. customize the column layout so you can choose what data you see about contacts in each view).

      • Hi Matt, we have many more updates to contacts planned soon which will allow you to customise things like columns plus a lot more productivity features. Thanks for the kind words.

    • Lauren Collalto

      I feel like this will be a huge help. Next up should be some way to export our journeys into a spreadsheet to compare them and keep track of them without going into each journey. That would be a huge help!

      • Hi Lauren. We are improving managing Journeys right now. Expect an update on this soon.

    • Lasse Lumiaho

      Please bring back sorting lists and segment! We have many folders and lists and now they are sorted by creation date or something else.

      • autopilothq

        Hi Lasse. Sorting is still available! You can drag-and-drop within the list, segment and folder categories, as well as within folders/sub-folders.

        • Lasse Lumiaho

          Ah, i tried moving folders around but did not see that you can drop folders between other folders. You could make it a bit easier to hit the “hole” between the folders and make it more visible. Now the green line easily disappears behind the folder that is being moved.

    • Riley Railed

      Yo bro, i really love your stuff and all but man is there a way for 24/7 chat. Been trying to get a grip on the configuration for a month now and i’m still exchanging emails day after day man

      • Hi Riley, we have slowly begun rolling out 24 hour live chat but we don’t anticipate being live until 15th of April with continuous coverage. Right now we are covering most of the day but are still getting a larger team ramped to cover all hours more consistently. You’ll see the chat icon appear in the bottom left hand corner when we are online.

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