by Mike Sharkey, Co-Founder & CEO, Autopilot

Autopilot Named Amongst 10 Companies Rated “Highest Ease of Doing Business With”

We are pleased today to be named amongst 10 companies rated highest for “ease of doing business with.” While a bit of a mouthful, this matters for three reasons.

First, G2Crowd bases their grids and sector analysis on user satisfaction and ratings, rather than on more ambiguous, qualitative metrics (like whoever pays the most – ha I said it). Making users satisfied and earning positive reviews forces companies to stay focused. Every single day.

Second, Autopilot’s core belief is that marketing automation has long been too hard and too complex – despite the fact that we are in a marketing renaissance. Never before has it been as affordable or possible to grow an audience or customer base, quickly.

In other areas of marketing tech – advertising, analytics, email and landing page builders, collaboration – purpose-built apps have made it easy to be more productive. It’s even been said that software is eating the customer journey.

But not so with marketing automation. For this reason – we’ve taken steps to be easy to do business with. Autopilot offers a unique visual approach to creating automated customer journeys. We make it simple to connect popular apps like Salesforce, Slack, Segment or your own product, enabling companies to enrich and personalize their marketing. And we have a free trial that does not depend on sales intervention (although we can help).

Third, we’re excited to be listed be alongside great companies. Instapage – the simple yet powerful landing page builder (note: includes an Autopilot integration). Looker – with their flexible new approach to dashboarding and data. SurveyCTO, which is making it easier to capture interview data. All are committed to ease of use and online try to buy models that value transparency and user experience – values we align around ourselves.

Finally, and most importantly, we appreciate our customers and community, whose feedback and ratings (and payments) make this all possible.

Author Mike Sharkey, Co-Founder & CEO, Autopilot

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