Content Action Plan
Building Your Content Vault

Automating lead nurturing and the customer journey requires content – blog posts, customer stories, emails, infographics, and more. If there’s no content in the mix, you’re … Read More

Customer Journey Marketing Tech Tools
Must-Have Marketing Tools for Automating the Customer Journey

People say we never get a second chance to make a first impression, but most of us do. The relationship between customer and company can involve … Read More

Simple Green Smoothies
How Simple Green Smoothies Automates Their Rawkstar E-Commerce Business (Webinar Recap)

What happens when you get the CEO of Zapier in a room with the Director of Community for a rawkstar e-commerce business? You learn how to … Read More

A Simple Cure for Writer's Block
Here’s a Simple Cure for Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is the enemy of content creators everywhere. Anyone who’s sat down at their MacBook to write blog posts, website copy, or customer stories knows … Read More

Zapier and Autopilot Integration
Automate Away Your Marketing Busy Work With Zapier + Autopilot

We’re excited to announce Zapier’s integration with Autopilot, which lets marketers save time by connecting over 500 apps to streamline their customer journey. It just got … Read More

If You Want Killer Content, Learn the Basics of Journalism

Journalists have been trying to get people with short attention spans to stop and read their stuff for more than three centuries. In the U.S., they’ve … Read More

6 Effective Direct Mail Examples by Hot Tech Startups
6 Effective Direct Mail Examples by Hot Tech Startups

For a lot of people, the phrase “direct mail” conjures up images of 50% off coupons for vacuum cleanings. In short: junk mail. But when it’s … Read More

The Loveboat Guide to Customer Engagement Infographic
The Love Boat Guide to Customer Engagement [Infographic]

All aboard! Today we set sail for the land of customer admiration. Along the way you’ll discover our latest research findings showing the keys to marketing … Read More

Introducing Headsup: An Entirely New Way to Connect with Your Customers

A few months ago we began looking at how marketers are currently communicating with their customers when browsing a company’s website or when using their product. … Read More

Will the Real Customer Journey Please Stand Up
Will The Real Customer Journey Please Stand Up

We are constantly spiraling through lifecycles. Lots of them. Whether you are purchasing food, clothes, cars, houses, financial services, indeed any transaction that results in a … Read More


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