Customer retention tactics
11 Winning Retention Tactics from 11 Remarkable Marketers

When it comes to customer retention, two key actions can make or break your business: 1. Facilitating undeniable customer impact 2. Delivering an unparalleled customer experience … Read More

How Zapier’s Founders Built and Scaled a Remote-First Company

Zapier’s path to success didn’t start in the Valley with a bunch of successful former founders. It started at a college hackathon in Missouri, of all … Read More

Easy as pie
10 Easy-As-Pie Punchups for Warmer, Funnier, More Personable Copy

We all have THAT friend. The one who effortlessly charms new pals the moment they meet her. Who cracks jokes that make everyone laugh. Who makes … Read More

Lead nurturing answers
Your Most Common Lead Nurturing Questions Answered

Chances are, you’ve heard of lead nurturing before and you know that it’s important for converting prospects into customers. You understand the main idea (sorta), but the … Read More

Autopilot Shopify Zapier tool stack
Case Studies,Marketing
How a Monthly Shave Club Uses Shopify, Zapier, and Autopilot to Cut Into the Competition

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 11,000 times—and it’s time to create a better razor. That’s the number of shaves Oscar de Vries estimates … Read More

Nurture & Convert: The Multi-Step Content Strategy to Turn Visitors Into Sales

Many marketers ask me about how to close the gap on their content marketing. They’re successful at driving traffic to their site. They might even get … Read More

Case Studies,Marketing
Skimlinks’ Real-Life Acquisition, Nurture and Retention Journeys

Skimlinks is a monetization platform that helps 1.5 million online publishers turn commerce-related content into a substantial source of revenue and insights. By using Skimlinks’ unique JavaScript, … Read More

Multi channel marketing best practices
7 Multi-Channel Marketing Best Practices to Create a Personalized Experience

“We are a living in a multi-channel world, and I am a multi-channel girl.” – Madonna. That was the song, right? Jokes aside, we do live in … Read More

Customer satisfaction
Measuring Customer Satisfaction With Hard and Soft Data

Did you know satisfying your customers is an important part of running a business? Sorry. That was a silly question. Of course you do. I mean, … Read More

The Perfect Lead Nurture Email

Do you have a plan for staying top of mind with leads in your contact database who aren’t ready to buy yet? How do you guide … Read More


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