Crumpled up paper
What I Wish I Knew When I Started A/B Testing

Running controlled experiments (A/B tests) is a core discipline of conversion rate optimization. If you’re running tests, that’s awesome. But you may be messing them up, … Read More

Repurposing content
Turn This Into That: Repurposing Content to Multiply Your Traffic, Leads, and Sales

Content creation is hard work. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying, or hasn’t done it before. Researching, drafting, editing, designing, and publishing is a … Read More

Data driven decision making
Why Data-Driven Decision Making Matters

The tech industry is surrounded by data. Your team is constantly told to pay attention to analytics. Then, you’re encouraged to make decisions based on your … Read More

Three step marketing funnel
Automate Leads and Sales With This 3-Step Marketing Funnel

Your company needs a growth system, not a bag of tricks. With some upfront work and the right tools, you can build a marketing funnel that: … Read More

Facebook ads testing
10 Facebook Growth Drivers Based on $3 Million in Ad Spend

Facebook’s advertising platform can target almost any human characteristic or interest. How can you know what’s important enough to test with so many choices? I’m going … Read More

Autopilot's new pricing
Why We Changed Pricing and Introduced Autopilot’s “Business” Plan

A little over a year ago we launched Autopilot. It was our belief that visual marketing software to automate the customer journey would have a profound … Read More

Blogging checklist
The 5-Part Checklist to Boost Your Blog’s Social Shares

Do you blog for your business? Thought so. You’re not alone. According to MarketingProfs, there are 2 million blog posts published every day. Basically, everyone blogs … Read More

Tips for Successful Infographic Creation and Promotion (With Examples)
Tips for Successful Infographic Creation and Promotion (With Examples)

As time goes on, standing out online with content is getting harder and harder. Almost every brand out there has a blog featuring top 10 posts, … Read More

Multi-channel marketing statistics
21 Insightful Multi-Channel Marketing Statistics

If you’re killing it in one channel, imagine how your results could compound with a seamless customer experience across multiple channels. Actually, there’s no need to imagine, … Read More

The Landing Page AB Test That Increased Sales
The Landing Page A/B Test That Increased Sales by $43,017

Let’s face it, no matter how good your marketing instincts are or how well you understand your buyer personas, no marketer bats a thousand. As long … Read More


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