Measuring the Customer Journey to Drive 2x Growth
Measuring the Customer Journey to Drive 2x Growth (Webinar Recap)

Today, Autopilot CEO Michael Sharkey & GoodData CEO Roman Stanek shared insights into how marketing automation + big data analytics is creating new opportunities to drive leads, revenue, and optimize … Read More

How Marketing Is LIke Dating
How Marketing Is Like Dating

Beneath all the industry jargon, marketing is a lot like dating. And everything it takes to build a good dating relationship. Trust. Listening. Empathy. Time to … Read More

Sponsored Email Campaigns
9 Steps to Maximize Your Sponsored Email Campaign

Launching a new product? Have a stellar piece of content you want to promote? In a marketing rut? Whatever the scenario, marketing in partnership with online publications is … Read More

Send postcards as easily as email
Send Postcards as Easily as Email with Autopilot

Thanks to an integration with our friends at Lob, we’re really excited to announce that you can now send postcards (yes, physical mail!) through Autopilot. If … Read More

The trial journey behind Autopilot
Steal Our Secret Sauce: The Trial Journey Behind Autopilot

Yesterday, our CEO Michael Sharkey & CMO Guy Marion showed the real-life customer journey that we use at Autopilot to convert trial users with multi-channel marketing. It’s … Read More

The Marketing Stack for High Growth SaaS
The Marketing Stack for High Growth SaaS Companies

In the subscription economy, the most beloved companies understand that your 100th interaction with a customer is just as important as your first. SaaS companies like … Read More

The Marketer's Dilemma Infographic
The Marketer’s Dilemma Infographic

Inc. Magazine featured The Marketer’s Dilemma infographic we made in their piece The Love/Hate Relationship Behind Your Marketing Emails. The biggest nugget from the report: Marketers who use … Read More

Swag Marketing
Swag Marketing: How Marketers from New Relic and Atlassian Grew Their Business with T-shirts

In 2013 Patrick Moran over at New Relic announced a huge milestone for his marketing team. It wasn’t marketing qualified leads, revenue or conversion rate increases. … Read More

Announcing Multi-Channel Marketing Software from Autopilot

Today I’m proud to say I’m a marketer. Tell anyone that you’re a marketer and chances are you won’t always be met with a lot of … Read More

How Guides Help Launch Better Marketing Journeys

When I first heard of marketing automation I didn’t have a clue what it is was or how it could help me as a marketer. I … Read More