An amazing retention email from a dry cleaning business
An Amazing Retention Email…From a Dry Cleaner?

When you hear the phrase “user retention,” what kind of businesses come to mind? Let me guess… SaaS companies Tech startups Gaming apps Sound about right? … Read More

Location Based Marketing Tips
6 Location-Based Marketing Tips to Sell Out Your Next Event

Location-based marketing is a strategic way to reach your contacts in a particular geographic area. Say you’re hosting upcoming workshops on the West coast, but your … Read More

Sticky customer acquisition
3 Customer Acquisition Examples From the Lean Startup Playbook

The Lean Startup was published back in 2011 as a guide to explain how new startups should look, work, and grow. However, one of the most … Read More

Add Advanced SMS to Your Journey Marketing With Twilio + Autopilot

As marketers, we’re most effective when we reach our target customers where they are. And with the average adult spending almost 23 hours texting every week, … Read More

5 Steps to Creating Your First Lead Nurturing Journey with Autopilot
New to Nurture: 5 Steps to Creating Your First Journey with Autopilot

Lead nurturing gives you, the marketer, the power to influence the journey a prospect or customer takes. It allows you to lead them down the path … Read More

Maximize customer retention
3 Steps to Maximize Your Customer Retention (and Boost Profits)

If you eat, sleep, and breathe growth, stop whatever you’re doing and pay attention. Why? Because investing in customer retention will get you unparalleled results. Don’t … Read More

SMS Marketing Best Practices
SMS Marketing Best Practices: Think Outside the Inbox

Fighting for attention in an overcrowded inbox is hard. But as marketing becomes more mobile-centric, and multi-channel, it makes sense to consider whether SMS is a … Read More

Low Cost, Actionable Customer Acquisition Tips
10 Low Cost, Actionable Customer Acquisition Tips

You now know what customer acquisition is. And you know how the math should work out (in theory). Now it’s time to get down to the … Read More

The 4 Levels of Personalization
How to Personalize Your Marketing With Data

What do Amazon, LinkedIn, and Netflix have in common? They know how to engage customers personally, at just the right time, in a data-driven manner. In doing so, they … Read More

What is a drip campaign?
What is a Drip Campaign? Definition, Data, and Misconceptions

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what drip campaigns are, why they work, and how you can implement them in your business, along with a few common … Read More


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