Digital marketing technical skills
Which Technical Skills Should Digital Marketers Learn?

The path to becoming a top digital marketer isn’t always clear, though one thing that seems certain is that it’s increasingly valuable to have technical skills. … Read More

Claire Suellentrop
Claire Suellentrop is Flipping the Funnel Upside Down

Claire Suellentrop was (up until recently) the second employee and Director of Marketing at Calendly. Her two year tenure saw product growth skyrocket from 14k to … Read More

Welcome email newsletter subscribers
How to Welcome Your Email Newsletter Subscribers, Automatically

When a person subscribes to your newsletter, it’s a moment of interest, excitement, and commitment. The person wants to hear from you. Your opportunity is to … Read More

Lead nurturing best practices
7 B2B Lead Nurturing Best Practices That Work in 2017

Lead nurturing is a trusted practice of B2B marketers. It’s become common knowledge that 30-50% of qualified leads aren’t ready to buy when they first inquire about … Read More

Hila Qu
Lessons Learned From My Time at

We had a chance to sit down and talk with Hila Qu, the former Product Manager of Growth at and now the Director of User Retention … Read More

Valentine's Day email marketing ideas
15 Valentine’s Day Email Marketing Ideas to Steal Your Subscribers’ Hearts

Love isn’t just in the air, it’s in your inbox too. Each February, businesses from every industry attempt to win customers with a Valentine’s Day email … Read More

Facebook Live guide
The Startup’s Guide to Facebook Live Video

Have you used Facebook Live for getting your startup traction? If not, you’re missing out on many early adopter benefits. When you go live on your … Read More

Copywriting tips
Are You Making These 5 Research-Backed Copywriting Mistakes?

A site’s design captures a visitor’s attention. But ultimately it’s the words that compel them to purchase. Or not. Fortunately, you don’t have to be creative or … Read More

AdWords ad headlines
3 AdWords Headline Templates That Write the Copy For You

You have to write 20ish characters. It should only take a few seconds, right? Yet after 30 minutes and counting, you’re still staring at a blank … Read More

Personalized marketing examples
6 Personalized Marketing Examples in Action

Over the past month I’ve done normal daily life activities like listened to an audiobook, researched flights for an upcoming trip, and used my phone to … Read More


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