by Mike Sharkey, Co-Founder & CEO, Autopilot

Why We Changed Pricing and Introduced Autopilot’s “Business” Plan

A little over a year ago we launched Autopilot. It was our belief that visual marketing software to automate the customer journey would have a profound impact on the way people market. Since then, we’ve seen thousands of customers create remarkable experiences for their customers, from delighting users with personalized multi-channel messages to reactivating millions of missed opportunities.

And we’re thrilled to have companies we admire, like Mixpanel, Lyft, Livechat, Instapage, Patreon and Freshdesk, adopt customer journey marketing into their organizations.

Today we released our first pricing change, which will enable us to deliver services at the same quality and standard that people have come to expect from us as we continue to scale. It will allow us to release popular and effective features more quickly, and invest in training, onboarding and customer success which will directly benefit our customers.

What is changing?

We are introducing two simple plan tiers – Base and Business. Pricing is still based on the number of contacts managed in your account, and is based on your pricing tier. The Base and Business plans are optimized for two segments: those starting out with customer journey marketing and those who desire more sophisticated features.

Who are the Base and Business plans designed for?

The Base plan offers a simple way to get started with Autopilot. Companies wanting to grow their leads and contacts, send newsletters, promos, or batch emails, and set up basic drip nurturing and follow-up journeys, are well served by Base.

The Business plan caters to the more sophisticated growth marketer who aims to achieve maximum results through personalization and integrate Autopilot into their technology stack. The plan offers support for CRM, app behavior, and API-based customization, as well as A/B testing and access to Autopilot experts.

How much will the plans cost, and what is included?

The Autopilot Base Plan starts from $20/month when paid annually, or $25/month paid monthly, for up to 1,000 contacts, and includes unlimited email sends, multi-channel journeys (email, SMS, in-app messaging, postcards), reporting, segmentation, and integrations with Slack, Zapier, and more.

The Autopilot Business Plan starts from $40/month when paid annually, or $50/month paid monthly, for up to 1,000 contacts, and includes everything in the Base plan plus:

  • Salesforce CRM integration that syncs all contacts, updates CRM records, and enables enables rich sales and marketing workflow
  • integration for connecting app data from 100+ applications, enabling personalized, event-based marketing and journeys.
  • Autopilot API access to enable full customization of journeys, segments, and Autopilot contact records, programmatically
  • A/B split testing to test and track emails, journeys, or actions
  • Access to in-app journey reviews and expert guidance from Autopilot consultants

How did you name the “Base” and “Business” plans?

We thought about “economy class” but realized the airline economy experience doesn’t evoke the best emotions (unless of course you fly Virgin) so we settled on Business and Base. We believe with Base we’re delivering on our continued mission to make customer journey marketing accessible and affordable to everyone.

It is important to note that the Base plan is a fully featured service that offers tremendous value for money – not a handicapped plan designed to force customers up to our most expensive offering. A customer with a little over 100,000 contacts recently told us they generated $2,800 in new monthly recurring revenue in two months, using a “Base” reactivation journey.

The Business plan’s higher pricing reflects the higher cost of service delivery, including technical support resources, server load, feature development, and dedicated onboarding assistance.

A final word

We decided to over-communicate this pricing change by sending weekly emails and Headsup messages since early March. We also offered grandfathered pricing indefinitely.  Our team is growing rapidly, so we can serve you better as we scale (we’re hiring). We have an incredible roadmap planned this year and will share more on this in the near future.

We’re incredibly thankful each and every day to you, our customers, who have chosen Autopilot for customer journeys and marketing automation. We believe in building a great product while also delivering a great customer experience – both of which are critical. So here is to customer journey marketers everywhere.

P.S. We love your feedback and are listening. Suggest the future in our product feedback forum. A large part of our roadmap comes from this forum. Hint, hint ;).

Author Mike Sharkey, Co-Founder & CEO, Autopilot

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    • David Lafond

      Dragging slider show same price for base and business…

      • Hold Shift in your browser and press refresh. The old pricing is cached in your browser and this causes the plans to have the same pricing.

        • David Lafond


    • David Lafond

      For the one that already paid a yearly plan and using API to capture our form. When it’s time to renew I will lose the API shapes if I stay with the base plan ?

      • Hi David, if you stay on the same plan you can renew on that plan forever so nothing will change for you. If you upgrade or downgrade you will need to select from the new plans. If you select a plan that disables say the API you will be warned before this happens. But for now in your case nothing will change. Hope this helps.

        • David Lafond

          That’s what I was expecting. Thanks.

        • Pierre

          Not an incentive to upgrade if we lose benefits in the process.
          Also, why remove Segment events from base plan? Having to pay twice as much for something already built in your platform is a bit hard to understand. If one wants to stay in the base plan (for budget reason – think early stage startups) one will have to re-code all his event just to keep working with AutoPilot. It ends up costing less in resources to export template emails to another automated emails platform. Product is good but this is a bit strange to me. Thanks! Good luck with the future.

          • Existing customers can still upgrade or downgrade on the old pricing, you’ll just need to request a coupon code and you won’t lose any existing features. I apologize if that part was a bit confusing, link for coupons is here:

            • Pierre

              Makes more sense 🙂 Too bad for the new customers. Segment events are a major selling point to go with AutopPilot when you are starting, considering it’s in the free tier of Segment integrations too.
              Thanks Michael. Keep it up!

            • Tyler Byrd

              Michael, I thought I was suppose to be able to upgrade on the old pricing plan, but now it tells me I have to go to the new pricing be able to send more emails.

              I submitted a ticket and your team is saying I must pay for the full year up front to keep the plan. What happened to keeping my grandfathered pricing plan? Increasing the number of emails in my account certainly doesn’t seem like “changing the plan”. More of an incentive to not add emails if anything.

            • Hi Tyler, you can upgrade until June 30th on the old pricing. The plan you are on after this date is “grandfathered” and won’t change unless you upgrade or downgrade. You can fill in a form here to get a coupon before June 30th:

            • Tyler Byrd

              Hey Michael I tried that but they told me no go. I have to pay for the full year upfront and leave my monthly pricing plan to do that. While I love the product that’s a deal breaker for me. Instead I’m going through and deleting 2,000 contacts to get myself back under the threshold.

            • Hi Tyler shoot me an email Mike at Autopilothq and we can figure it out.

    • David Linke

      Pricing changes are part of doing business. But this specific change seems far too early for the current state of the product. Autopilot has lots of good things, but its still very early in product development to justify a 70% price increase.

      A huge increase like this is justifiable if
      – The email builder is drag and drop
      – The uploading of HTML templates are fully editable without a user pre-editing HTML
      – A user can set branding across all email templates
      – A user can set global settings (timezone as example) which are then saved for all journeys

      I like AP, it has huge advantages across most marketing automation platforms that I’ve used, but a 70% is big.

      • Hi David,

        Thanks for the comments. We will be reinvesting into the product and working on features most important to customers like we have been since we launch.The pricing increase allows us to be better resourced internally to deliver on new features and improve Autopilot overall and at a quicker pace. I believe you will be pleased by the improvements we having coming throughout this year.

        Thanks for your support.

    • Marc Johanssen

      How does this affect those who started the 30-day trial a few days ago?

      • Hi Marc, you can also request a coupon here: to take advantage of the old pricing since you started a trial before the change.

        • Marc Johanssen

          Thanks! Does that mean I’m also qualified to be ‘grandfathered in’ to the original Autopilot annual plan (with 1000 contacts) indefinitely at the old pricing (unless I upgrade or downgrade at a later date)? If so, I don’t see where I can choose that option (via the coupon link provided), since I was still within the “trial period” when the new Autopilot plans were announced and I had yet to indicate the number of contacts desired under the original plan.

    • Nick Zeckets

      I’m sorry, but I don’t have any clue what’s happening. I have CRM integration now and am I to understand I have to pay more to keep that integration without any new features? Can’t you just charge me for feature upgrades later. You know. Like a SaaS product?

      • Hi Nick, if you stay on your existing plan there is no change, you can still use all of the existing features in Autopilot.

        • Nick Zeckets

          I guess I’d really like to see a comparison of what I have vs base vs the new top end product. I don’t have a clear way to compare.

          • Hi Nick, if you visit you have all of the features of Base+Business with your existing plan.

            • Nick Zeckets

              So are the old plans now what’s called “base?” I need a features grid rather than all the text.

            • It’s neither. You are on a Grandfathered plan which no longer exists but it has all the exact same features as Business, so use the Business grid.

    • TrustServe

      Any serious user should want this change. Did anyone think that the level of service provided by this company could even be sustained at $5 per month? People need to be happy to pay because that is the best way to gaurantee a great product. A business can’t survive off start up capital indefinately. My gosh. Everyone should be celebrating that their favorite useful app wants to make a profit and whole heartedly support it so they can continue to get more of the great stuff they like. I am afraid anyone that doesn’t get this and is quibly over a a few cents needs to be very scared and wonder why they themselves are even in business.

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