by Brian Sun, Senior Manager, Content Marketing, Autopilot

10 Lead Magnet Examples That Grab Your Attention

Lead magnets are enticing deliverables that companies give away in exchange for an anonymous visitor’s email address.

Your lead magnet could be anything – an ebook, checklist, coupon, free consultation, or whatever – the key is your target audience wanting it bad enough to give you their contact information.

I’ve compiled ten of the best lead magnet examples to show you what this looks like. Adapt the approaches below to your own business, and watch the leads come rollin’ in…

1. An irresistible ebook filled with your top tips

Repurposing your best blog content is the easiest way to create an ebook. The process takes compiling, editing, and designing, but the end result is a valuable piece of content that’ll grow your number of leads.

Instapage is a great example of this. The company offers an ebook titled 35 Techniques to Triple Your Landing Page Conversions.

To drive traffic to the ebook landing page, Instapage puts a call-to-action at the bottom of its blog posts, like so…

Call to action

The call-to-action feels like a natural part of the article. It’s obvious, but non-intrusive. And leads to this landing page:

Instapage landing page

“Essential tips for your page design that clinch conversion rates” and “Tips & best practices for writing great headlines” could easily stand on their own as blog posts. But what makes the ebook irresistible is combining all of these topics into a single resource. Nice work, Instapage.

2. The easy-to-read cheat sheet

Cheat sheets are a perfect resource for jogging your audience’s memory, because they make complex topics simple. Think of them like the cliff notes that give people the gist of what they need to know. The best cheat sheets are resources that visitors will refer to again and again.

Chartmogul’s Ultimate SaaS Metrics Cheat Sheet is a perfect example. In two digestible pages, the company explains what the key SaaS metrics mean, why they’re useful, and how they’re calculated.

Lead magnet example from ChartMogul

In this case, anyone can download the PDF for free without providing their email address. The magnet comes in when people want a professionally printed copy – users must sign up for a free trial of ChartMogul if they want the cheat sheet.

3. The quick read that hits a nerve

Sometimes a 5-minute read is all it takes to add news leads to your contact base. The secret is hitting on a strong pain point your target market feels, where they’ve thought before…”Am I doing this right?” or “Ugh, I’ve always been unsure about this.” If you can solve a problem like that with a quick read, you win.

Less Accounting has a chat-like pop-up on its homepage that speaks directly to a problem small business owners feel:

Lead magnet example from Less Accounting

It’s just a quick 5-minute read, but it touches on a sensitive pain point…no business owner wants to mess up invoices. Because that could mean not getting paid correctly or issues with their books come tax time.

Perhaps you could repurpose a blog post you already have to draw in new leads using Less Accounting’s strategy? A quick read could do the trick.

4. The downloadable audit that shows people how to improve

People want to know if the time, effort, and energy going into their work is paying off. This is where audits come in. They’re a quick way for your audience to evaluate their efforts.

Digital Marketer’s 10-Minute Social Media Audit shows this well:

Lead magnet example from Digital Marketer

The offer lives on the company’s blog sidebar, always beckoning the reader to grade their social media efforts. Visitors see this landing page after clicking through the offer:

Lead magnet landing page example from Digital Marketer

The landing page is an opportunity to pour on the value to convert the visitor into a lead. I love the little copy touches like “Where should we send your audit” above the form, and how “reveal gaps and opportunities to drive results” is bolded. A stellar lead magnet all around.

5. The handbook of your area of expertise

A handbook is similar to an ebook with your top tips, just positioned a little differently. Think of it as “The Definitive Guides” or “The Ultimate Guides” you’ve seen around the web before.

Vidyard’s Video Marketing Handbook is a great example:

Lead magnet example from Vidyard

The handbook offer lives on the company’s blog sidebar like in the previous lead magnets. But instead of sending readers off to a landing page, a form pops up after clicking download:

Lead magnet popup example from Vidyard

Vidyard’s form has way more fields than name and email address. I’m positive this is on purpose. This approach makes life easier on the Vidyard sales team to route leads, since the form includes qualifying fields for company, position, and phone number.

6. Swag. Who could resist?

If all else fails, just trade swag for emails. Swag marketing drives results for companies like New Relic, Atlassian, and Invision…

Lead magnet example from Invision

This offer appears on the Invision homepage for new visitors. When a person clicks “enter to win,” the offer turns into this form:

Lead magnet form example from Invision

Giving away swag could get expensive, but like New Relic’s CEO says:  “Swag gets people over the hump of ‘hey, neat idea – maybe I’ll try someday’, and moves them to ‘Rockin, now’s the time.”

Test it out and see if it works for your business.

7. Examples of companies who are winning

Sharing how people have already succeeded is a killer lead magnet. Because showing is more powerful than telling. For this approach, gather a diverse set of stories, walk through the lessons learned, and compile it all in a neat downloadable package. Then you’re done and done.

Growth Lab is a solid example of this type of lead magnet:

Lead magnet example from Growth Lab

The offer is sprinkled throughout Growth Lab’s blog posts. For the casual browser who lands on one of the company’s articles about starting an online business, seeing how others have done it sparks their curiosity.

8. Webinars that educate your audience

Kick-ass webinars can be repurposed to drive future leads. Just make them easy to access for new visitors to your website and/or blog, like our friends at Kissmetrics who have a storehouse of webinars other businesses drool over.

Here’s a small taste:

Lead magnet example from Kissmetrics

Each webinar clicks through to a landing page, like this one:

Lead magnet landing page from Kissmetrics

Visitors can only access the webinar recording after filling out the form. Kissmetrics is adding to their library of lead magnets with every new webinar. Brilliant.

Side note: did you check out Thue’s epic mustache on the bottom right of the landing page?

9. The highlights of your bestseller

This lead magnet is a great option for companies who already have long-form content like a book. To do it, transform your content that takes an hour to consume into content that takes five minutes to consume. It’s a quick and easy way to make the most of your existing content.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich’s lead magnet shows how this works:

Lead magnet example from I Will Teach You To Be Rich

The offer is the first thing new visitors see on the I Will Teach You To Be Rich homepage. It’s the “Blueprints” of the author’s best-selling book. I love the copy where he says “I don’t want to cut into book sales, so get it now before I come to my senses and take this down.” It’s conversational and adds a sense of urgency to download.

10. Tools that create free reports

Calculators, graders, quizzes, and smart tools fall into this category of lead magnets. They are easy for website visitors to interact with, and provide something valuable or even fun (like Buzzfeed quizzes).

“Compass” from AdEspresso is a great example that helps draw in marketers:

Lead magnet example from AdEspresso

The tool grades how a visitor’s Facebook ads are performing in comparison to their competitors. Translation: valuable information for marketers looking to optimize ad spend and leave their competitors in the dust.

Want to learn more about acquiring leads? Get the scoop on email opt-in forms.

Author Brian Sun, Senior Manager, Content Marketing, Autopilot

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