by Anne Fleshman, Director of Marketing, Demand Generation, Autopilot

Landing Page Builder Design and Reviews and Comparison

This post reviews popular best-of-breed landing page builders, including Instapage, KickoffLabs, LanderApp, Leadpages, PageWiz and Unbounce. First, let’s define best-of-breed.

What the heck is a best-of-breed landing page builder anyway?

According to Techopedia, best-of-breed means the best system in a referenced niche or category, often used in combination with or in lieu of all-in-one software. The advantages of going best-of-breed vs all-in-one are many, including specialized functionality, better support and focused user community, improved end-user experience, and lower costs. The primary drawback to best-of-breed is dealing with multiple systems, databases, and vendors which can lead to integration challenges when trying to connect all your tools.

For many reasons, all-in-one software platforms that manage everything and allow for a single vendor relationship are easier to work with and offer more integration. But all-in-one software has disadvantages of its own like being restricted to a single vendor with outdated technology or watered-down features, less specialization, less flexibility, and generally higher costs priced for Enterprise buyers. This chart from Benchmark Estimating does a good job comparing the key differences between the two:


Why landing pages?

Now that we know the difference between best-of-breed and all-in-one, let’s talk about best-of-breed landing page builders. Chances are, if you are currently using an all-in-one marketing automation solution, you haven’t been 100% satisfied with the native landing page builder that came in the box. It may be non-intuitive, produces unattractive results, or require programming skills to create custom designs—whatever the reason, you may be in need of a best-of-breed solution to complement your efforts. Or, maybe you are very new to the world of creating landing pages and are here to see which one would best fit your marketing needs.

Let’s get this straight: I’m not a programmer. I’m not a designer. I’m a marketer who wants to quickly and easily create professional, functional, responsive, high-converting, trackable, highly-customized, and beautiful landing pages. Am I asking for too much? I recently joined Autopilot to manage our Demand Generation efforts. Our team is small, agile, and working with a limited budget.

A big piece of the Demand Generation puzzle is creating landing pages that convert visitors into engaged prospects and eventually new customers. Landing pages are key to getting website visitors to take desired actions or conversion paths, such as providing their email address or clicking through to another page. They can serve many functions including pay-per-click lead generation, webinar or event registrations, social media contests, product launch signups, email subscriptions, sales pages… (Aren’t you getting excited just thinking about the possibilities?)

Criteria for reviewing landing page software

Knowing that there are several solutions that tout powerful capabilities, I set off to review the top best-of-breed landing page builders. It’s worth mentioning that the list of tools reviewed here are not comprehensive. If there’s one you love that I’ve missed, please tell us about it in the comments.

I’ll be basing my evaluations of each solution against the following criteria:

  • Skills required: Do I need the help of a developer to use this? Or is it so easy and intuitive that a complete noob can create a landing page in less than half an hour?
  • Capabilities: Does it come with all the must-have features? The key features that I’ll be paying attention to the most are: a) simple graphical editor, b) built in SEO, c) responsive design, d)  A/B testing, e) conversion tracking and analytics.
  • Visual Appeal: Design plays a huge factor in usability. Do I enjoy working in the interface? Do the templates look like they belong in 1995 or 2015? Does it bring me joy and delight to see my landing pages come to life?
  • Pricing: Is it affordable? (less than $100/mo)
  • Onboarding Journey: This category is not necessarily a review of the product, but how the company itself followed up with my action of signing up for a free trial. Did they offer any training? Tips and tricks? A walkthrough of the product? Access to customer service? Did they make it easy for me to learn how to build a landing page with their software?

Here’s a quick feature comparison chart for this review:


1. Instapage – Build and Test in Minutes

Instapage is an ideal platform for teams and digital marketing agencies alike. The major draw of Instapage is how powerful, yet easy it is to set up landing pages.

Skill Required

Instapage was the easiest, simplest, most intuitive landing page solution I tried. The name says it all, you (or anyone, really) can create landing pages instantly, without any technical knowledge. This means you spend less time educating yourself on how everything works and more time optimizing your page design. I built my first page in under 10 minutes.


I was surprised at how many solid features come with Instapage. At first glance, Instapage may seem simplistic, but the capabilities are robust and allow you to be quite sophisticated. They have an intuitive builder, SEO plug-in, all the most popular integrations (Autopilot included), mobile ready pages, drop-in pixel tracking, and unlimited A/B testing capabilities.

Visual Appeal

There is a wide variety of 100+ templates to choose from ranging from basic to professional, organized by category: Lead Generation, Click Through, Webinar Pages, Mobile App, Thank You Page. All templates are mobile responsive and ready for optimization.


Instapage’s editing interface was my personal favorite. It was clean and sparked my creativity by giving me the most screen real estate for freely dragging, dropping, and moving things around the landing page. There were many customization options as well, including a slick alignment and grouping feature as well as the Inline Style Editora CSS editor module.



Instapage’s price points are among the most competitive landing page builders. Their goal is to bring powerful, but simple, high quality landing page creation to both teams and agencies, and the plans they offer reflect this mission. +1 for unlimited pages, visitors, and domains.

While Instapage doesn’t have an option to pay month-to-month, they offer a 30 day free trial period with no credit card required.


Onboarding Journey

I appreciated the interactive walk through introduction of the tool when starting my first landing page. It made everything even more straightforward, if at all possible.


Instapage has been pretty on point with their email communications, although I did get emails from two different customer success managers. They promptly sent over a welcome email linking to new user guide and then a follow up email with 3 tips and tricks to help me get started.

2. KickoffLabs – Smarter Landing Pages

KickoffLabs offers the tools you need to “grow your email list with a viral campaign.” While the core of their product is the landing page builder, they also offer pop-ups, opt-in forms, automatic email responders, and a referral generation system. Today, I’m solely looking at their landing page feature, though the other tools certainly make it a differentiator.

Skill Required

KickoffLabs is very easy to use and suitable for complete beginners.


It has all the basic functionalities: all pages are mobile ready, easy-to-use form editors, A/B testing, customized page titles, meta descriptions, and social sharing text. Customization in the graphical editor can be a challenge if you want to make significant changes to your landing page template, but don’t know any HTML or CSS.

Visual Appeal

Setting up a landing is quite intuitive with KickoffLabs. First, you create a new campaign, give it a name and then select how you’d like to collect leads. In this case, I chose “On a new landing page.” From there, you are prompted to select a landing page theme. Because there is no categorization like “Coming Soon,” “Webinars & Events,” etc. or filters like “New & Featured” or “Popular” for landing page templates, you must scroll through all of their options to find one that you want. Albeit a limited library, no option to start from a blank page, and no ability to preview before moving forward, there are appealing templates to choose from.


Once a template is chosen, KickoffLabs prompts you to select a thank you page template and directs you back to your dashboard to edit your pages. This was a bit clunky of a user experience and I found myself wishing there was a one-click option to start editing my landing page immediately.


The landing page editing interface didn’t get me too jazzed. It’s simple enough, but not very intuitive to navigate. There isn’t a drag and drop editing ability to move things around, meaning you are confined to the template you’ve chosen.



Low entry point at $39/mo to get up and running with basic features and 10,000 unique visitors per month. You’ll save 30% each month when you pay annually. KickoffLabs also has a nice money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied after 30 days.

Onboarding Journey

I experienced aggressive follow-up email communications as soon as I signed up for a free trial, receiving 1-3 emails every day which leveled off after 4 days into the trial. They offered to review my landing pages before going live or to have them build a custom one for me. Within the editor, there is also a video you can watch to learn page editing basics.

3. LanderApp – Create, Optimize and Publish Landing Pages

LanderApp self-describes as the most intuitive landing page builder that helps businesses grow.

Skill Required

Suitable for beginner


I like how quick and easy it is to use Lander’s visual drag and drop editor. It’s intuitive and you can create a great looking landing page in minutes. They have all of the core functionality including built-in SEO, mobile ready pages, A/B testing, and conversion tracking.


Visual Appeal

One thing that sets Lander apart is their emphasis on beautiful design. Built by designers for any marketing goal, Lander’s templates are well-thought out and designed to help you convert visitors into customers, subscribers and passionate fans. While there aren’t a ton of options to choose from, each landing page template looks modern and professional.



You’ll get a 25% discount of Lander if you pay annually. At $22/mo, Lander’s Basic plan is the least expensive entry level option compared to other solutions. However, if you’re getting considerable traffic to your pages, you’ll have to upgrade quickly from the Basic plan as it only includes 3,000 unique visitors per month and one customer domain. To compare, Instapage’s basic plan is $29/mo for unlimited visitors and unlimited domains.

Of course, you can always test out Lander with their free 14 day trial, no credit card required.

Screenshot 2016-08-15 16.52.24

Onboarding Journey

As soon as I signed up, I was sent a welcome email and introduced to an Account Manager who offered to help me get up and running.

4. Leadpages – The Internet’s Easiest ‘Next Generation’ Lead Generation Platform

LeadPages is a good option if you are looking for more than a simple landing page builder. I’d consider it more of a general lead capture solution with it’s Leadboxes, Leaddigits and Leadlinks product suite that allows you generate leads across webpages, email, social media and text messaging. For the purposes of this review, I will only be looking at their landing page builder product (what they call “Leadpages”).

Skills required

Good for all levels, but probably more suitable for intermediate to advanced users who will benefit the most from their unique features.


Building a landing page with Leadpages starts with selecting a template or uploading a custom page. The graphical editor is intuitive: replace text by typing, upload image files directly from your computer, and change font and background colors with hex numbers.


It used to be that my biggest gripe with Leadpages was the lack flexibility to drag and drop elements of their landing page templates. In March 2016, Leadpages announced their drag-and-drop builder and an all-new toolbar that lets you add new elements to any section of a page, move individual elements and rearrange sections, and make pages entirely your own.

I find the user interface to be powerful, easy-to-use and convenient for digital marketers who want to keep up with modern best practices like built-in mobile and tablet responsive designs, A/B split testing and the ability to add tracking codes and SEO tags. Leadpages also integrates with major email service providers and webinar services and has some nice customization features like the ability to configure exit pop-ups, form pop-ups when a user clicks a call-to-action button, and a “lead magnet” function that allows you to send an autoresponder email as soon as someone submits a form.

Visual Appeal

I love that Leadpages allows you to sort templates not only by category, but by those with the highest conversion rates, so you can be confident you’re using a landing page proven to work. LeadPages is also constantly updating and adding designs to their collection.


While not as beautifully designed as some of the other solutions, you can expect every template to be highly functional, clean and to get the job done. Careful though—many of Leadpages’ templates come at an additional cost ranging from $7 to $45.

One thing I found to be quite annoying is there’s no quick preview options when browsing through templates and they require you select your industry over and over again before taking you to the graphical editor.



Leadpages does not offer a free trial option, but they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase. Plans are paid monthly, annually or on a 2-year cycle.

It’s difficult to compare Leadpages’ pricing structure 1:1 with other landing page builders because they have a relatively unique product suite. Their $25/month Standard is on the lower end of those on this list, though it doesn’t include A/B testing. LeadPages puts a lot of emphasis on making its users successful with every plan including weekly q&a coaching calls. If you’re particularly interested in investing in Leadpages’ other capabilities like Leadlinks or Leaddigits, go for the Pro or Advanced plan.


Onboarding Journey

After going through Leadpages’ onboarding flow, it’s clear that they care about setting their users up for success. I found their “Getting Started” video to be helpful with straightforward step-by-step instructions on how to create your first Leadpage. They also invited me to attend an onboarding webinar for a more in-depth introduction.

5. PageWiz – Landing Page Generator & Landing Page Templates

PageWiz is another all-in-one landing page creation tool “designed to let professional marketeers, business owners and affiliates launch landing page campaigns from scratch, within minutes and easily optimize them.”

Skill Required

Good for marketers all across the board, from beginners to experts and agencies


The first thing you do to create a landing page is select your campaign type between desktop and mobile. This leads me to assume that landing pages in PageWiz are not natively responsive and you have to create a separate landing page for each.


In terms of the actual editor, the drag and drop capabilities were nice although it was cumbersome that keyboard shortcuts don’t work for certain actions, like delete or undo.


PageWiz comes with all the other functionality you would expect from a best-of-breed solution including built-in A/B testing, SEO plugins, and real-time analytics.

Visual Appeal

I’ll be honest–the template selection was underwhelming in comparison to the other solutions. Not only were there not as many options, they also weren’t as pretty or inspiring. However, they do give you the ability to start from scratch.



With plans starting at $29/mo for 5,000 unique visitors, 2 custom domains, unlimited landing pages, and all other features included at the Basic level, PageWiz offers competitive pricing and a free 30 day trial.


Onboarding Journey

PageWiz gets you started with a designer video tutorial popup and also sends the same video to you in a welcome email.

6. Unbounce – The Mobile Responsive Landing Page Builder for Marketers

Unbounce is the most well-known, widely used solution in the space and a top-notch, all-around option.

Skill Required

Unbounce might be better suited for an intermediate to advanced marketer. It was difficult for me to imagine someone with zero experience coming in knowing exactly what to do when they see this:


It’s a lot to digest: there are different layers to navigate, a lot of options for customization, and can be quite overwhelming at first glance–especially if you are looking to build a landing page quickly. For novice marketers, perhaps it is too complex out of the box. Once you familiarize yourself with the layout, it lends itself to faster creation.


Unbounce has pretty much every bell and whistle you could ask for. It’s very robust with a flexible drag and drop interface. “Designed with conversion in mind,” it has A/B testing, real-time analytics, and over 60 integration partners with apps you probably already use like Salesforce, Google Analytics, Zoho, Campaign Monitor and more. Unbounce also recently added native mobile responsiveness to their ever-growing features list – previously the one major downfall of the tool.

Visual Appeal

The “create a new landing page” flow was straightforward. There are plenty of visually appealing templates to choose from, although browsing and previewing each of them can be cumbersome if you don’t know what design you are looking for. You can filter pages by type between Lead Generation, Click Through, and Coming Soon, or you can start with a blank page.


Here are some page examples built with Unbounce. They also have more templates to choose from through Themeforest for an additional fee.


For the power of the tool, Unbounce’s pricing is affordable. It’s one of the most expensive solutions compared to others on this list, but you’ll have the comfort of knowing you can rely on responsive and helpful customer support if you run into any trouble.

All plans include unlimited domains. Certain advanced features like integrations, client sub-accounts, and advanced convertables targeting are not included in the Essential plan. If these are important to you, you’ll have to upgrade to the Premium plan, which is pushing the affordability threshold.

Below are Unbounce’s pricing plans when paid month-to-month. You’ll get 20% off if you pay annually. Of course, you can always try Unbounce before you buy by signing up for a free 30 day trial of any plan. There are no setup fees or hidden costs, and you are free to cancel your account should it not be suitable for your needs.

Unbounce pricing

Onboarding Journey

Unbounce puts out stellar content and I’m comforted by knowing there are real people behind their brand. Even if I didn’t use Unbounce as a solution, as a marketer, I enjoy reading their blog and have found their content on their Resources page to be valuable like this ebook, “The Conversion Marketer’s Guide to Landing Page Copywriting.” Go on, download it. It’s a bit advanced, but I guarantee you’ll learn something from reading it.

And the Winners are…

  • Skill Required: Instapage
  • Capabilities: Unbounce and Leadpages
  • Visual Appeal: LanderApp for the templates, Instapage for the editor 
  • Pricing: Instapage
  • Onboarding Journey: Unbounce

Which landing page builder do you use? What are your favorite features? Please share in the comments. 

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2015 and has since been updated for comprehensiveness.

Author Anne Fleshman, Director of Marketing, Demand Generation, Autopilot

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    • Tyson_Q

      Thanks so much for the review guys. We’ve been following Autopilot for some time now.

    • Anne Fleshman

      Thanks for your comment, Tyson. We hear some exciting new features are on their way from Instapage!

    • Anne, I’m glad to see Pagewiz included on your reviewed landing page builders list!

      Pagewiz recently added the ability to include multiple forms on each landing page you create, which can be great for long landing pages that require multiple CTAs.

      On top of that, you can customize the form however you like by ungrouping the form elements and designing each one separately – for a more pixel-perfect design experience.

      Those (and others) are exclusive functionalities, which are important to know about.
      We’re constantly adding newly designed templates to our offered collection.

      Congratulations on a non-biased products review, which probably required a big effort on your end!

      • Anne Fleshman

        Appreciate your comment, Kobe. Awesome to see new capabilities coming from Pagewiz!

        The multiple forms on one landing page is an interesting concept. In general, I’ve heard the best practice is to focus your landing pages on one call-to-action so as not to confuse your visitor with multiple conversion paths. Can you give an example of when multiple CTAs might come into play?

        • Anne, thanks for your reply!

          I was not referring to multiple conversions paths, but rather to one conversion path – displayed multiple times across the landing page.

          While the first recommendation I would offer is to split test each campaign according to its needs, there are many examples of landing pages which can definitely benefit from multiple forms, in terms of an increase on conversion rate.
          Consider a long and informational landing page, in which you might like to have a CTA at it’s top, but maybe another one at the bottom, so that, visitors don’t have to scroll back up just to be able to submit their details.

          I can think of a few more use cases, but the gist of it is right here:

          • Anne Fleshman

            Makes sense! Thanks for the clarification, Kobe.

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    • Anne Fleshman

      Appreciate your comment, Kobe. Awesome to see new capabilities coming from Pagewiz!

      The multiple forms on one landing page is an interesting concept. In general, I’ve heard the best practice is to focus your landing page on one call-to-action so as not to confuse your visitor with multiple conversion paths. Can you give an example of when multiple CTAs might come into play?

    • Carolina Di Pietro

      Hi Anne! Thanks for including Lander in your list of best apps to build Landing Pages. As Marketing Assistant at Lander can tell you that we love hearing feedback from our users. We invite your readers to try our 30 Day Free Trial and to take a look to our new templates and categories. Regards! 🙂

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    • Marston Gould

      I noticed you didn’t include wish pond

      • Anne Fleshman

        Hi Marston, I’d consider Wishpond as more of an all-in-one marketing software. We wanted to keep the focus of this post on best-of-breed landing page solutions.

    • Omer Bar

      Not reviewing leadpages as part of this review is kind of not series.
      You should definitely add them to this review.

      • Anne Fleshman

        Hi Omer – As stated in the post, we would have loved to have included LeadPages, but they do not offer a free trial. Given the popularity and interest, perhaps we will try a plan in the near future and update the review. Thanks!

        • I was also surprised and disappointed LeadPages was not included. Especially since you’ll “be revealing which tool goes with.” They do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, and might have furnished you with a free trial for review purposes. It does seem a glaring omission from a ‘best-in-breed’ review.

          • Anne Fleshman

            Good point. We’ve been itching to try it out and have heard good things. I’ll do my best to give it a look and update the post soon!

            • Hi Denise – wanted to let you know the post has been updated to include LeadPages!

            • Awesome, thanks Anne! I will take a look now.

        • Omer Bar

          I have an extra Leadpages account I can let you use for the test.
          You can contact if you’re interested and find this helpful for you 🙂

          • Anne Fleshman

            That would be great! Can you shoot me an email at [email protected]? Thanks!

            • Hi Omer – wanted to let you know the post has been updated to include LeadPages!

    • Sandy Smith

      Landing pages make your business more visible & attract customers to your store.
      Leadpages coupon

    • Aviv Palti

      What you’re saying a bout landing pages with social Logins?
      Is that the future of 2015?

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    • Did you guys ever decide what landing page app you were going to integrate with?

      • Tyson_Q

        We (Instapage) had the pleasure of being thier platform of choice

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    • Grace Deen

      Thanks for providing good information about great landing page examples.

    • Diana

      I am using leadpages from quite some time now and I must say they are the best landingpages builder right now. I was able to build and capture leads within few seconds using them. Check out leadpages website and know more about them.

    • Hi Anne, great article if I may add 🙂

      You have actually given me an idea how to improve mine. But regarding landing page builders, I have tested half of those you mentioned here, and soon I’ll make few more tests. It’s amazing to play around with those tools and see just how much has the technology advanced and make it so easy to create any kind of landing page.

      So far my favorite, easiest and fastest to use was Instapage.

      If you are interested in my 2 cents on the same topic you can check my article that I have just published:

      All the best,

      • Hi Drazen,

        Thanks for your comment. Agreed, testing out different tools is a lot of fun and pretty remarkable that we are able to build pages so easily today! I read your post and thought it was great you included WordPress plugin options. I haven’t tried many so it was definitely insightful.

    • Claudia Prado

      Your post provides me great information about great landing page examples.

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    • Кирилл Салыкин

      Thanks for review!
      All these apps look great. But they only allow to create pages via online builder, but i prefer doing html myself. It is much faster and I can change it in any way i want.

      The only app that allows uploading custom html is But they aren’t released yet.

    • Cole Davidson

      Anne, how does one keep track of the clients who fill out the information on Instapage or Unbounce? We are trying to decide which company to use, and want to find the one that is easier to keep track of the ones that fill out the information.

    • Cole Davidson

      The pricing for LanderApp has changed. The basic is now $29 a month

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    • Johnathan

      Hey Anne, great article. I would also suggest that your readers check out – they are, in my experience, by far the best solution for landing pages (and a bunch of other integrated stuff!). We’ve used them all, but after switching to them, our life is so much easier.

    • Sanjay Sawant

      Hey Anne,

      Why can’t a business owner should choose marketing automation instead of landing pages.

    • Niels Tindbæk

      Are any of the tools able to add contacts to Autopilot (or to

    • Carlos Castillo

      Hi, Im starting to build some landing pages to customers. I know it may differ from countries, but what will be a reasonable price to put to my work? Any help its appreciated

    • Aroosa Javded
    • KathlenSantana offers instant pre-approvals.

    • Andrzej Bieda is missing… 😉

    • Hi Anne! Congrats on your position with, what I believe, is an exceptional company (I said the same thing when my own firm was competing with And look! I guessed right!).

      One WordPress solution that cannot be ignored in the “Best In Class” design and conversion world is Their team understands the nuances of what a landing/conversion page needs to be visually, and functionally.

      Their Builder is absolutely unmatched. A flat learning curve. And enough templates to please even the most crotchety conversion funnel expert.

      Here’s to your great success. We are completing some design cycles, and will be an AutoPilot customer within the next 2 weeks.

    • Sergiu Bagrin

      Hi Everyone!
      My name is Sergiu Bagrin, CEO of

      Thanks for this interesting review.

      I would like to introduce you our landing page builder –
      This is an excellent tool for anyone who want to create landing pages or a website in few minutes, without having any kind of coding skills. Easy to use builder, great design elements and very important – best price for your projects.

      More features – Build-in metrics, Mailchimp integration, parallax scrolling, unlimited bandwidth and storage, 100% responsive – Mobile optimized .

      I will appreciate if you can look over this product, and give some feedback.
      It’s very important for us.

      Best Regards, Sergiu

    • Instapage is the best for newbie marketers and even advanced marketers.

    • Richard Fallah

      Thank you Anne, good cross comparison. We just launched our landing page builder on the Vbout platform however it is part of an all-in-one platform. Do you have plans on doing all-in-one marketing platform in depth comparison? Would love to work with you on it.


    • Nastya

      To have or design a pro landing page is really something you do very precise and test new ideas for it to be effective. Thanks for the article!

    • Ronaldo Linkon

      Outstanding blog article about the landing page builders reviews. In the meantime, I have read this full article and taken some of helpful info from here. I am really happy to get this great idea. Its too much helpful for me. track app reviews

    • Hi Anne, great review!
      I would suggest Landing Page Builder as an alternative.

      This is a super-easy builder, with pre-built themes and blocks that will save your time, without any coding skills.
      BitBlox also propose a very simple and valuable A/B testing tool to help you to optimize and increase your sales and leads!

      Try it free, for 30 days and you will be surprised how easily you can build your landing page.

      Regards, Natalia!

    • Luc Devoto

      I have signed up to LanderApp and my experience is that it is too basic for what i need. Bit dissapointed…

    • Hi Anne,
      Great article! I don’t often see so much effort in creating articles like this one! 🙂

      If you are thinking about future text update don’t forget to add us – I think if you will try our landing page editor you’d love our tool and features we have.

    • Personyze

      Great article, also if you want to optimize the performance of your landing page, there’s no better way to do so than with personalization. Create different versions of your website for specific audience segments you define, and use a strategy that market research has demonstrated to increase conversion by an average of 20%. That’s an extra 1/5 of your current revenue, waiting for you to personalize and take it! Best of all, there’s no need to code or invest in IT resources if you go with a scalable, affordable cloud-based, SaaS solution.

    • Brad

      No favouritism toward current clients here. I was shocked by the first pick.

    • Adam Ketchum

      I’ve been using Landingi.c om – it’s really user friendly and has a lot of cool integrations. Just built a landing for my app and I’ve been pretty impressed with the results so far. It’s 100% customizable and mobile responsive.

    • This is a good list and comparison, but I feel like it could have benefited from the inclusion of some of the WordPress options such as Elementor or OptimizePress.

    • Ankit

      I am using leadpages at the moment and I am happy with what they are offering. Though they are limited with what I want from them but still they make my work easy. I have even reviewed them on my own website.

      • Brian Lim

        I agreed Leadpages is a better choice among the list here. Ever since I subscribed to their services, my annual rates remain unchanged. Compared to other landing page company who increased their price over the years and had no integrity to hold their grandfather price plan, please do not waste time to give them a try.

    • Anyone using Landingi? Would love a review about their Landing Page builder and how it stacks up to the competition above.

    • Heather Lightsey

      I was trying to start an online business. There are many packages (GoDaddy, WordPress, HostGator, etc.) that need to be purchased to do this line of business. I missed the 14 day trial to cancel LeadPages (Hurricane Harvey disaster) and they didn’t JUST charge the next phase up of $79 a month, they charged me the entire year of $576 automatically and I couldn’t get a refund. I didn’t even start, because I had difficulty with coming back from Hurricane Harvey. LeadPages doesn’t care. I don’t remember seeing that fine print on the 14 day trail ending and having to pay $579. However, the rep was quick to bring it up. LeadPages could see my activity and know I wasn’t using it. If a company can take advantage like this, I wouldn’t recommend doing business with them. The product isn’t that great. There is a lot of competition out there. I prefer to do business with a company that has fair business practices. 🙁

      • Andrew Dickson

        Go try Convertri. Very fast pages and you can build out funnels as good as Clickfunnels (for half the price), great support and very fair pricing. Includes SSL in price. Also integrates with Stripe so you can take payments if you want to set up cart pages. Easiest page builder I have used so far.

    • Andrew Dickson

      Convertri rules them all for ease of use despite being an all-in-one solution. And it’s right there with pricing. Plus you can import (copy) your website pages you already have so you don’t have to build them out again. It’s very cool.

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