2015 in Review: 0 to 10,000 Customer Journey Marketers in 9 Months


We’re 10,000 customer journey marketers stronger since March this year, when we launched Autopilot with 26 people, two tiny dogs, and zero customers. It’s been a year of hard work, late nights, and quite a few gallons of pilsner. But we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that this wouldn’t have happened without you – our strongest critics and most enthusiastic supporters.

We’ve reached some key milestones this year, including going live in March, launching Flight School, receiving funding from Salesforce Ventures, adding Slack and Zapier to our growing list of integrations, and releasing Headsup, the first in-app messaging channel for marketers.

Most gratifying of all, companies of all use cases and sizes are, dare I say…having fun with marketing automation? Our vision is the same since the day we launched – making customer journey marketing accessible to the masses. So a big thank you to the customers, investors, and partners for being part of Autopilot, and we hope you enjoy this infographic!

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