The Digital Marketing Journey

The Digital Marketing Journey To Convert Leads Faster [Infographic]


There a slew of digital marketing tools to turn strangers into customers: Social media sponsored posts, targeted landing pages, retargeting ads, lead nurturing journeys, and more.

Being the savvy marketer you are, you put a ton of work into optimizing every little thing to increase your number of leads and sales conversions. But what often falls through cracks is the bigger picture journey your customer is on.

How do all the channels fit together to create a cohesive journey? How do Facebook ads and lead nurturing play nicely together? What can you do to speak to your audience at the right time, right place, with the right message?

Introducing The Digital Marketing Journey…

The Digital Marketing Journey (coined by Autopilot + Instapage, a landing page marketing tool that makes building and A/B testing landing pages easy) is a proven system to score more customers by attracting, retargeting, and converting.

This framework combines the power of sponsored social media posts, ad retargeting, irresistibly clickable landing pages, smart lead nurturing, and marketing automation to grow your business faster. All you have to do is a) replace the steps with relevant content for your target market and b) follow the five-step system to turn strangers into customers.

For an in-depth dive into each step, check out Instapage’s blog post about how to map out your digital marketing journey and score more conversions.

Without further adieu, here’s The Digital Marketing Journey through the story of DogToday (like Uber for dogs), a fictional company we wished existed…

The Digital Marketing Journey


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