Team Parkbench
Case Studies,Marketing
How Parkbench Made Over $300,000 By Re-Engaging Abandoned Visitors

Parkbench sells neighborhood-centric websites to realtors. The company’s technology automatically aggregates information about a neighborhood into an online home that includes the latest news, a local business … Read More

Google Analytics reports
4 Google Analytics Quick Wins Hiding in Plain Sight

Collecting data is great. But on its own, data doesn’t do anything. Actionable insights are what actually help you move the needle for more traffic, leads, and … Read More

Grow a startup
How to Grow a Startup from 0 to $1M ARR in 6 Months—Twice

Throw a rock in Silicon Valley and you’ll hit someone with a startup success story on their resume. Facebook, as of the last estimate, has about 17,000 … Read More

Customer retention examples
6 Retention Email Examples to Reduce Your Customer Churn

Maximizing customer lifetime value by reducing churn. That’s the simplest customer retention definition I can think of. For most businesses, it’s no easy feat. Reducing churn means more … Read More

The Hustle Ambassador Program
How The Hustle’s Brand Ambassador Program Attracted 300K Email Subscribers

Are you looking to launch a brand ambassador program for your company? The Hustle—an email newsletter for savvy forward thinkers interested in business news—has grown to … Read More

Aaron Ginn Growth Hacker
Aaron Ginn is Growth Hacking Silicon Valley and Washington DC

Back in 2012, Aaron Ginn authored Defining a Growth Hacker, a six-part series for TechCrunch. The seminal work gave a name and a face to the … Read More

Reduce shopping cart abandonment
How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment the Multi-Channel Way

69.23% of shopping carts are abandoned. That’s based on an average of over 37 different studies. The most recent, like two from Listrak and Adobe, show that number … Read More

Repeat ecommerce customers
How to Get Repeat eCommerce Customers

With data indicating that it costs 7x more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one, it’s clear why many eCommerce retailers work hard to … Read More

21 Google Chrome Extensions for Growth Hackers

Wish you knew the best growth hacking Chrome extensions? You search through hundreds only to find a handful that could help you. You try them out … Read More

Marketing funnel
The Marketing Funnel Explained From Top to Bottom

Over a century ago in an ad agency, the mysterious “marketing funnel” began to take shape. Today, you probably have one whether your realize it or … Read More


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