Team Parkbench
Case Studies,Marketing
How Parkbench Made Over $300,000 By Re-Engaging Abandoned Visitors

Parkbench sells neighborhood-centric websites to realtors. The company’s technology automatically aggregates information about a neighborhood into an online home that includes the latest news, a local business … Read More

Case Studies,Marketing
How Habit Nest Made $6,251 Within 48 Hours of Launching Their Shopify Store

Habit Nest is the team behind the Morning Sidekick Journal, a resource that helps people get laser focused on morning productivity in just 3 minutes a … Read More

Stefano from Instapage
Case Studies
Instapage’s $30,000 Lead Nurturing Journey

Instapage was about to purge 55,000 stale database contacts, but our team believed there was still revenue left to unlock. So, we made a little wager: … Read More

Case Studies
Meet Australia’s Fastest Growing Online Pet Shop (and See How They’re Doing It)

Pet Circle is Australia’s largest online pet shop. The company sells more than 5,000 products, employs about 40 people, has raised $5.5M in capital to date, … Read More

Automatically request reviews journey by LiveChat
Case Studies
Steal This Automated Journey That Led to 100+ Customer Reviews

We all love quick wins. LiveChat, a SaaS chat app with 15,000 customers, shared a quick win that has helped it earn a best in class … Read More

Simple Green Smoothies customer story
Case Studies
Building a Great Community Experience, Oh Kale Yeah

Since its start in 2012 by friends Jen Hansard and Jadah Sellner, more than one million people have made Simple Green Smoothies a part of their … Read More

Kylie Jenner
Case Studies
Meet the LinkedIn of the Modeling World

To modeling industry entrants, two groups are usually apparent – the Giseles, and everyone else. Model Management, a network where agencies, models, and photographers can create profiles … Read More

Hint Health CEO, Zak Holdsworth
Case Studies
SaaS Onboarding Teardown: How This Healthcare Startup Increased Self-Service Success by 26%

Hint Health is a San Francisco-based SaaS app that manages billing, enrollments, and communications for medical professionals. Like most startups, Hint Health is laser-focused on creating … Read More

Sarah Massengale, Narrative's Community Manager
Case Studies
How Narrative Cut Their User Onboarding Time In Half

Narrative is the startup behind the world’s most wearable camera, Narrative Clip 2. Founded in Sweden in 2012, Narrative was created by a powerful, meaningful story. … Read More

Case Studies
How Golden Gate Wine Increased Online Sales By 150%

Golden Gate Wine is a Hong Kong-based importer of vintage California and US-based wines. Founded in 2004, they import a spectrum of mid to high-end labels … Read More


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