Customer journey tracking goals
Goal Examples for Every Type of Customer Journey

Today we launched Insights, which is goal tracking for customer journey marketers. Put simply, Insights makes it easy to track goals and optimize journey performance as you acquire, nurture, and … Read More

Reply tracking for marketing automation
4 Ways to Use Reply Tracking with Autopilot

Replies have always been elusive in the email automation space. Arguably, email replies are the hottest of leads, but far too often these slip through the … Read More

Lead nurturing best practices
7 Lead Nurturing Best Practices That Work in 2017

Lead nurturing is a trusted practice of B2B marketers. It’s become common knowledge that 30-50% of qualified leads aren’t ready to buy when they first inquire about … Read More

Smart Segments Reengineered for Faster Performance & Highly Targeted Journeys

Some argue that segmentation and targeting are the most critical part of an automation journey. After all, it doesn’t matter how well-crafted your message is if … Read More

Eliminate the Inevitable “Oops” Email with Autopilot’s New Eject Action

You’ve worked hard to craft a unique and segmented automation campaign. You launch. And then…the first response is from that one unimpressed (and slightly annoyed) customer … Read More

Selective Salesforce Sync
Announcing Selective Salesforce Sync

As one of our most requested features from Salesforce users, we’re excited to officially announce selective Salesforce sync. Determining the best way to organize your database … Read More

On-site and in-app messaging
Headsup Brainstorm: 10 Creative Ways to Use On-Site and In-App Messaging

Earlier this month, we launched Proactive Headsup, a low-friction lead generation channel designed for marketers to convert anonymous website visitors into leads. Out of 500 beta … Read More

Proactive Headsup by Autopilot
Proactive Headsup: A New Way to Convert Anonymous Website Visitors Into Leads

Last year Autopilot announced Headsup – a new in-app and onsite channel for marketers to tailor communications to segmented audiences in a highly personal manner. Almost … Read More

Add Advanced SMS to Your Journey Marketing With Twilio + Autopilot

As marketers, we’re most effective when we reach our target customers where they are. And with the average adult spending almost 23 hours texting every week, … Read More

5 Steps to Creating Your First Lead Nurturing Journey with Autopilot
New to Nurture: 5 Steps to Creating Your First Journey with Autopilot

Lead nurturing gives you, the marketer, the power to influence the journey a prospect or customer takes. It allows you to lead them down the path … Read More


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