Paid Advertising Sucks. Here’s Why You Should Use It.

George Revutsky, founder of ROIworks, has helped some of the fastest-growing B2C companies in the US with paid acquisition and growth, including Soothe, Mayvenn, Headspace, and Wag. … Read More

Mix to the max
How Mixmax Got 6,000 Customers Without Spending a Penny on Marketing

Here’s a bit of textbook startup advice: don’t start a company unless you know what you’re building. Olof Mathe threw that advice out the window when … Read More

LinkedIn publishing guide
The Growth Hacker’s Guide to LinkedIn Publishing

I almost gave up on LinkedIn. “It’s a dying platform.” “Work is getting more social; LinkedIn isn’t.” Then, I noticed a few people driving an insane … Read More

Grow a startup
How to Grow a Startup from 0 to $1M ARR in 6 Months—Twice

Throw a rock in Silicon Valley and you’ll hit someone with a startup success story on their resume. Facebook, as of the last estimate, has about 17,000 … Read More

The Hustle Ambassador Program
How The Hustle’s Brand Ambassador Program Attracted 300K Email Subscribers

Are you looking to launch a brand ambassador program for your company? The Hustle—an email newsletter for savvy forward thinkers interested in business news—has grown to … Read More

21 Google Chrome Extensions for Growth Hackers

Wish you knew the best growth hacking Chrome extensions? You search through hundreds only to find a handful that could help you. You try them out … Read More

Facebook Live guide
The Startup’s Guide to Facebook Live Video

Have you used Facebook Live for getting your startup traction? If not, you’re missing out on many early adopter benefits. When you go live on your … Read More

Josh Fechter Autopilot
Why I Chose Autopilot Over Uber & Facebook

If you could work for any company which one would it be? Facebook? Uber? TechCrunch? I’m an entrepreneur living in the tech mecca of the world, … Read More


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