How to Create an Effective Online Survey
How to Create an Effective Online Survey

Online surveys are increasingly popular—and there’s no doubt why. These simple research instruments can be used to measure everything from customer satisfaction to brand awareness. Plus, in … Read More

Customer retention is acquisition's new best friend
Customer Retention: Acquisition’s New Best Friend

If you’re reading this, chances are your compass points way North. Admit it: You obsess over aarrr metrics (AKA pirate metrics) like CAC (customer acquisition cost), AR … Read More

How to Grow with Net Promoter Score Data
How to Grow Your Bottom Line with Net Promoter Score Data

For the last few weeks, we’ve been exploring the Net Promoter Score® method through a 3-part content series. In the first installment, we covered the basics … Read More

Net Promoter Score trends
3 Trends That Made the Net Promoter Method Mainstream

A few weeks ago, we covered the basics of the Net Promoter Score® method—including how it can be leveraged to grow your business. We also learned … Read More

Why everyone is obsessed with their Net Promoter Score
Why Everyone’s Obsessed With Their Net Promoter Score

Do you ever get emails like this one? I bet you do. Companies like GE, Apple, and Dell use these emails to measure customer loyalty by … Read More

Maximize customer retention
3 Steps to Maximize Your Customer Retention (and Boost Profits)

If you eat, sleep, and breathe growth, stop whatever you’re doing and pay attention. Why? Because investing in customer retention will get you unparalleled results. Don’t … Read More


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