Customer retention strategies
7 Customer Retention Strategies to Apply in 2017

Most marketers know that investing in customer retention pays off. After all, there’s no shortage of research on the subject, and credible organizations like Harvard Business Review, … Read More

Marketing conferences in 2017
11 Marketing Conferences That Will Skyrocket Your Growth in 2017

As a growth marketer, you’re not interested in theory. You want to learn methods you can apply today. You want to discover tactics that have helped … Read More

Differences between B2B and B2C marketers
5 Key Differences Between B2B and B2C Marketers

Recently, we surveyed more than 500 marketing decision makers to find out where marketers were investing, winning, and failing. Along the way, we discovered 5 intriguing … Read More

Jes Kirkwood at Autopilot
How I Used Data-Driven Decision Making to Land a Startup Job

Data-driven decision making is a huge trend in the startup world—especially for marketers, who are increasingly expected to disregard their intuition and make decisions backed up … Read More

Boost survey response rates
How to Boost Online Survey Response Rates

Most marketers who conduct survey research are looking for actionable insights. Creating an effective online survey is a great first step. But your insights won’t be … Read More

Create copy decks
How to Create Copy Decks for Your Customer Journeys

What is a copy deck, you ask? A copy deck is a document that contains a series of related messages. It provides the infrastructure required to … Read More

Capture freemium app users
7 Ways to Capture Value From Freemium App Users

Freemium is no longer a marketing ploy. Today, it’s a full-fledged business model—one that’s been adopted by companies like Slack, Dropbox, and InVision. Here’s how it … Read More

Drive event registrations
How to Drive Event Registrations With Drip Marketing

What’s the single most effective content marketing tactic? Is it case studies? Nope. What about blog posts? Definitely not. Webinars? Close, but no. This may surprise … Read More

How to Create an Effective Online Survey
How to Create an Effective Online Survey

Online surveys are increasingly popular—and there’s no doubt why. These simple research instruments can be used to measure everything from customer satisfaction to brand awareness. Plus, in … Read More

Customer retention is acquisition's new best friend
Customer Retention: Acquisition’s New Best Friend

If you’re reading this, chances are your compass points way North. Admit it: You obsess over growth metrics like CAC (customer acquisition cost), AR (activation rate), … Read More


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