5 User Retention Strategies to Grow Customer Lifetime Value

User retention is the act of getting members to use your product in such a way that it becomes habitual. If you retain them, then they … Read More

Change score action
More Ways to Drive Qualified Leads in Autopilot: Introducing the Change Score Action

Recently Autopilot rolled out the new “Change Score” action. For the first time, you can easily increase or decrease any field by a specified amount, in order … Read More

2016 customer journey marketing report
New Research: Where Marketers are Investing, Winning, and Failing in 2016

Today we’re pleased to release our latest research report, the “2016 State of Customer Journey Marketing,” with a foreword from Adrienne Weissman, CMO of G2 Crowd. This … Read More

How Instapage Drove 30K in Revenue in Less Than 2 Months by Nurturing Stale Leads
How Instapage Drove $30K in Revenue in Less Than 2 Months by Nurturing Stale Leads (Webinar Recap)

Instapage, the popular landing page builder, has spent years accumulating leads, many of whom haven’t engaged with marketing, product, or sales in months. These leads went … Read More

How to Personalize Your Marketing With Data

What do Amazon, LinkedIn, and Netflix have in common? They know how to engage customers personally, at just the right time, in a data-driven manner. In doing so, they … Read More

Autopilot Lands in Sydney
Autopilot Lands in Sydney

Fresh off the heels of our 1-year anniversary party in San Francisco, on June 9th we opened the Sydney office of Autopilot at the Bar Eden and … Read More

Autopilot Anniversary Party
Autopilot’s 1-Year Anniversary Party: Celebrating the Customer Journey

A year after launching Autopilot’s customer journey marketing platform in 2015, we returned to the Mars Bar in San Francisco’s SoMa district last week to celebrate … Read More

12 Customer Journey Hacks for Growing Faster with Autopilot
12 Customer Journey Hacks for Growing Faster With Autopilot

Autopilot is a killer app for driving growth – and it’s a lot more fun if you know some of the hidden tricks. Today we’ll take … Read More

SaaS trial email examples
Maximize SaaS Trial Conversion With These 6 Email Templates

Targeted, personalized emails enhance the SaaS trial experience in numerous ways: Encouraging dropoffs to log back in Reinforcing positive user behavior Providing education, insight, and guidance … Read More

Quick Wins to Minimize Your Email Unsubscribe Rates

Email unsubscribes are like the marketer’s churn rate. When people start leaving, you do everything in your power to prevent it from happening again – especially … Read More


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