Doughnut Write Boring Email Subject Lines
Doughnut Write Boring Email Subject Lines

Messaging on a dating app has at least one thing in common with composing a company promo email – there’s a pressure to be witty and engaging … Read More

Kylie Jenner
Case Studies
Meet the LinkedIn of the Modeling World

To modeling industry entrants, two groups are usually apparent – the Giseles, and everyone else. Model Management, a network where agencies, models, and photographers can create profiles … Read More

2016 marketing challenges
Marketers’ 5 Biggest Challenges Heading Into 2016, and Sage Advice

A few weeks ago, we did a quick survey to get a sense of the biggest challenges marketers face heading into the new year. The results … Read More

Our 5 Favorite Responsive Email Editors: Pros and Cons
5 Awesome Responsive Email Template Editors: Pros and Cons

Making fake emails is so much more fun than making real ones. After a week of testing about 10 email editors and creating a lot of … Read More

How to consolidate your data for the new year
5 Steps to Consolidate Your Data for the New Year

‘Tis the season for holiday lights, childrens’ singing voices, and realizing the third tool set we bought impulsively online would make a great gift for Uncle … Read More

Customer Journey Marketing Tech Tools
Must-Have Marketing Tools for Automating the Customer Journey

People say we never get a second chance to make a first impression, but most of us do. The relationship between customer and company can involve … Read More

If You Want Killer Content, Learn the Basics of Journalism

Journalists have been trying to get people with short attention spans to stop and read their stuff for more than three centuries. In the U.S., they’ve … Read More


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