Shayla Price
Shayla Price Shows How Practice Leads to Results

Freelance content marketers face rejection daily. Not to mention uncertain work prospects and lumpy cash flow. The only solution, then, is to keep moving forward. To pitch, … Read More

Multi-channel marketing benefits
10 Data-Backed Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing sounds like a trend, a buzzword, a recommendation some consultant would make for $400 per hour. But it’s much more than that. When you look … Read More

Ty Magnin
Ty Magnin’s “Fewer Things Done Better” Approach to Marketing

The marketing world constantly sells us the narrative of more. More hacks. More campaigns. More tools. More more more. It’s overwhelming, to be honest. The bigger … Read More

Google Analytics reports
4 Google Analytics Quick Wins Hiding in Plain Sight

Collecting data is great. But on its own, data doesn’t do anything. Actionable insights are what actually help you move the needle for more traffic, leads, and … Read More

Aaron Ginn Growth Hacker
Aaron Ginn is Growth Hacking Silicon Valley and Washington DC

Back in 2012, Aaron Ginn authored Defining a Growth Hacker, a six-part series for TechCrunch. The seminal work gave a name and a face to the … Read More

Reduce shopping cart abandonment
How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment the Multi-Channel Way

69.23% of shopping carts are abandoned. That’s based on an average of over 37 different studies. The most recent, like two from Listrak and Adobe, show that number … Read More

Claire Suellentrop
Claire Suellentrop is Flipping the Funnel Upside Down

Claire Suellentrop was (up until recently) the second employee and Director of Marketing at Calendly. Her two year tenure saw product growth skyrocket to hundreds of thousands … Read More

Copywriting tips
Are You Making These 5 Research-Backed Copywriting Mistakes?

A site’s design captures a visitor’s attention. But ultimately it’s the words that compel them to purchase. Or not. Fortunately, you don’t have to be creative or … Read More

AdWords ad headlines
3 AdWords Headline Templates That Write the Copy For You

You have to write 20ish characters. It should only take a few seconds, right? Yet after 30 minutes and counting, you’re still staring at a blank … Read More

Go beyond email
Go Beyond Email With Multi-Channel Marketing Automation

What channels come to mind when you think about marketing automation? I’d bet $50 that email is the first place your mind goes. It makes sense. After … Read More


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